UK TOUR 2024-25

Jack Dee will embark on a major UK Tour, with his brand new show Small World, from September 2024 through to the end 2025.

Firmly established as one of Britain’s biggest and best-loved comedy stars, Jack Dee has captured the imagination of audiences and critics alike with his dry humour and deadpan delivery over the last four decades.

CULTURE WARS, THE ENVIRONMENT, BRITISH FOREIGN POLICY and SOCIAL JUSTICE are just a few of the topics that Jack spectacularly fails to address (or even mention for that matter) in his brand new show. Instead, for reasons known only to him, he doubles down on his fascination with the meaningless small things of life like Zoom protocol, what’s new in the world of radiators and the worst careers advice office in the world.

Jack will guide us through his varied life and career with his customary charm and well known gift for talking absolute rubbish on any given subject.

Head and shoulders shot of Jack lying horizontal with a world globe to the right of his head. Orange background with text reading 'Jack Dee. Small World Tour'